Take Your First Ascent

You are the first cohort of students to take part in an exciting, new University of Denver Tradition: First Ascent. With your peers, you will travel to DU’s Kennedy Mountain Campus for a weekend of exploration, adventure, connection and learning.

In the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, you will be immersed in the DU 4D Experience. You will discover the wonder of intellectual growth and curiosity. The confidence to pursue purpose-driven lives and careers. The joy of wellbeing for ourselves, others, and our planet. And the strength of character built upon individual values.

What to Expect

From challenge courses and guided hikes to cliffside lakes, artistic and life design exploration, community campfires, and ample time to simply explore and build the lifelong friends that will define your time at DU—your First Ascent is the transformative experience that will help define your entire DU journey.


Adventure awaits! Secure your spot.

You’re automatically enrolled to take your First Ascent, but we need to hear from you. Your First Ascent weekend is determined by your FSEM, but you can swap into a different week based on your preferences and schedule. Complete the Required Participation and Exemption/Assigned Weekend form below to secure or confirm your preferred weekend, confirm your lodging preferences, request an exemption or to let us know of any special needs or accommodations.

Required Participation and Exemption/Assigned Weekend Form

Additionally, all students must complete the Assumption of Risk form. Download the form, fill it out, and upload it along with your Required Participation and Exemption/Assigned Weekend form.


Disability Services & Accommodations

At the University of Denver, we take accessibility very seriously. If you believe you may have difficulty with access for our Kennedy Mountain Campus Ascent experiences because you use a wheelchair or have other mobility needs, please contact the Disability Services Program as soon possible so they can assist you in planning and accommodating your access. As far as your academic access at KMC, we believe that once you provide your accommodation letter to your instructors, you accommodations will be implemented.

Explore DU Disability Services Program