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Choose Your Own ADDventure Conference 2022

Missed the 11th Annual Conference - 2nd Virtual Conference?  Read below to see who presented and make sure to attend next year!

Since 2009, LEP has partnered with other DU departments as well as community resources to host "Choose Your Own ADDventure" for learning differences (LD)/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) families and professionals.  It's a FREE, half-day conference that explores and increases the understanding of the many nuances of ADHD and LD.

2022 Keynote Speaker: Denver Broncos Offensive Tackle Garett Bolles!

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Registration for the 2022 Conference is now closed.

Registration is Closed


2022 Virtual Conference Schedule (all times listed in Mountain Time):

  • 8:45am: Welcome
  • 9:00am: Keynote Address
  • 10:00am-10:30am - Keynote Q&A
  • 10:35am-11:25am: Breakout Session 1 with Q&A
  • 11:30am-12:15pm: Breakout Session 2 with Q&A
  • 12:15pm-12:30pm: Closing Remarks
  • 12:30pm: Conference Ends

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Learn more about the ADDventure Conference Presenters below!

  • Garett Bolles - 2022 ADDventure Conference Keynote
    garett bolles wearing a Denver Broncos football jersey with his hands in pockets talking to a girl in a classroom

    Join us as Denver Broncos offensive tackle Garett Bolles shares his experience of being a neurodiverse learner both in and out of the classroom.  His passion for advocating and increasing awareness for the neurodiverse community will be on full display as he shares his moving personal story.  Garett will also remain with us for a Question and Answer session following his opening keynote.

  • Christina Crow, MA
    headshot of christina crow

    News and Tools from Neuroscience: How to Use the Equipment of the “New Brain” to Expand Potential

    One of the fastest growing fields in science is mind, brain, and education science. One exciting application of this new science transforms the latest research from psychology, education, and cognitive neuroscience into research-based best-practices to support neurodiverse learners. 

    Join us for this session as we learn how to use and apply some of the latest research from mind, brain, and education science. We will explore the connection between brain differences, executive functioning, and evolution of the brain; and learn how to reverse engineer the most advanced tools of the "new brain" to best support learning and enhance development.

    Christina Crow is an Executive Functioning Coach and the founder and CEO of ReMind Brain Training. Christina specializes in executive functioning, brain development, learning differences, disabilities, types of neurodiversity, and how to use research-based strategies to intentionally target and effectively enhance intentional neurological development. Through her work with ReMind Brain Training, Christina provides executive functioning coaching and consulting services for students, families, educators, and professionals of all ages.

  • Michelle De Nooy, LCSW
    headshot of Michelle De Nooy

    Michelle De Nooy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has worked in both the private and public school settings and has been in private practice for almost 10 years. She specializes in trauma and neurobehavioral disorders in kids and teens.

    Understanding How Screens Impact the Brain and Tips for a Balanced Brain

    Technology is an integral part of our society. Navigating screen time usage in our families can be challenging. In this session, we will explore how screens impact the brain, who is susceptible for technology addictions, and tips for finding a tech balance in your home.

  • Nathaniel Ellison, MA, LEP Academic Counselor
    nathaniel ellison headshot

    Is 'Focus' actually a Proxy of Success, the Realities and Strengths of ADHD

    The common wisdom that if we just focus or apply ourselves, is addressed in this interactive forum designed to reframe ADHD. The ability to recognize our skillsets and optimize strategies appropriate to each person with ADHD is what allows the opportunity to access success.

    In this interactive session we will look at the strengths of ADHD and work to enhance our understanding of "focus" to provide a template for positive experiences for future success.

  • Tammy English and Cyle Feingold
    headshots of tammy english and cyle feingold

    The Executive Functioning Experience

    Tammy English and Cyle Feingold will present on: Experiencing activities that simulate the hardships and frustrations of what it’s like to have an executive functioning deficit and leave with strategies and supports which lead to greater independence. Come to our interactive workshop to problem solve, collaborate and find solutions to the everyday challenges executive functioning deficits bring.

  • Craig Knippenberg LCSW, M.Div.
    Headshot of craig knippenberg

    Devious Licks: Social Media Inspired Traps for Impulsive Teens

    Join author and therapist Craig A. Knippenberg, LCSW, M.Div. as he looks at three dynamics that make ADHD teens susceptible to challenges and poor choices on social media and strategies for smart choices.

  • Dr. Jimmy Langley
    headshot of Dr. Jimmy Langley

    Dr. Jim is a licensed clinical psychologist, but more importantly he is a husband and father of five boys, and was diagnosed with ADHD before it was cool. Like all of us, he strives to embrace the messiness of family life by bringing an attitude of fun and determination amidst the chaos. As a psychologist, he works with parents in counseling, speaking, and workshops to help them build a connected family culture that actually works.

    Calming the Chaos: How to Maintain a Connected Family in the Chaos of the ADHD Home

    • Build a relationship with your kids even when they push you away
    • Learn the importance of forming a clear family culture to guide your decisions with your kids
    • Make your teen feel understood (even if they'd never admit it!)
  • Captain Donald Maloy, MA, LPC, LAC and Captain Erik Larson, FPMHNP
    photo of donald maloy in an army uniform

    Tools for Success: Thoughts from a Green Beret

    Captain Donald Maloy has received three Bronze Stars, a Unit Valorous Medal, and several duty awards for his service in the Army. Over the course of two years in the Infantry and either years in Special Forces, Captain Maloy has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan serving over 32 months in a combat environment.  During Captain Maloy's career he has struggled with an LD but was able to maintain his competitive nature with the help of personal commitment and empathy.  Captain Maloy explains his strategy toward maintaining positive self-image and self-esteem while in adverse conditions.

    Erik Larson is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and former Army Medical Department Officer. During his three years in the Army, Captain Larson spend fifteen months as the Psychiatric Prescriber for the Special Operations Forces Embedded Behavioral Heath Clinic at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, as well as six months as the Psychiatric prescriber for the Behavioral Health Clinic for the Defense Language Institute, at the Presidio of Monterey, California. During this time, he worked with service members from all branches of the military's Special Operations and Intelligence community, as well as soldiers with a wide variety of occupations in the Army.

  • Roxanne Turner
    photo of Roxanne Turner wearing a jacket outside with a dog

    Is College on the Horizon? What can you do to get a leg up?

    Roxanne Turner is a Board Certified Coach with extensive training in executive function challenges, ADHD, and the science of getting things done. Roxanne applies an outside of the box approach in her work with individuals' strengths, processes, and learning styles. Rich with ADD-specific coaching strategies, Roxanne brings a delightful and unique combination of humor-with-structure to her work, much of which she drew from her earlier careers in both corporate and equestrian worlds.

    Roxanne's presentation, titled Is College on the Horizon? What can you do to get a leg up? focuses on freshman year of college, which is an exciting new chapter in a young person's life, but it's not high school anymore. College comes with greater expectations, distractions, and the skill of demonstrating resourcefulness and resilience. Incoming students must know who they are and their learning style to find the available resources and tools to maximize their college experience. This discussion will cover strategies and lessons learned from college students to give your high schooler a leg up. For instance:

    • It's the little things that can make the difference.
    • The environment, is it working for you or against you?
    • Leveraging the resources available to you - When to ask for help? Where and how to ask for help

    The summer is an excellent opportunity to build on these tips so that your student feels confident about their first year in college and has the necessary skills and strategies to meet the new and exciting college expectations.


  • Dr. Marcy Willard and Dr. Anna Kroncke
    Dr. Willard and Dr. Kroncke sitting next to each other behind a desk

    ADHD and the Autism Spectrum: Symptoms in common, how to differentiate between the two, and when might a child have challenges with both?

    Dr. Willard is a tech entrepreneur, license psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, and published author. Dr. Willard has experience as a Psychologist, conducting diagnostic assessments, training clinicians and consulting with families. During her training she was a Fellow at JFK Partners in partnership with the Children’s Hospital. She and Dr. Kroncke founded Cadey in 2021.

    Dr. Kroncke is a nationally certified school psychologist, licensed psychologist, and author of a leading childhood assessment textbook. Her experience spans over two decades as a school psychologist and in clinical practice. Dr. Kroncke has experience conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations, training clinicians, and consulting with families, community providers and schools.

    Their app, cadey, is an app for parents who have concerns about their child's emotions, behavior or development.

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