Social Skills & Events

During the transition to and through college, you will repeatedly encounter social challenges that, ideally, also double as opportunities for social growth and development. Providing a safe, supportive environment in which to practice and develop social skills is a crucial component of the LEP.

When you get involved with events on DU's campus, have meaningful relationships with peers, and make an effort to connect with your professors, you experience a greater sense of belonging and inclusion, leading to a more engaging, purposeful, and fun college experience, as well as higher levels of personal and academic growth. With this in mind, the LEP hosts many events both on- and off-campus designed to foster connections between students and build community in an inclusive environment.

Social Events


L.E.P. (Let's Eat Pizza) is a casual get-together held every Friday from 12 to 1 p.m. It provides a chill atmosphere for Learning Effectiveness Program students to hang out, chat, play games, and of course eat pizza! Additional casual events such as hikes, mini-golf, pumpkin carving, ice skating, movie nights, and more will be scheduled regularly throughout each quarter.

Social Skills Group

Social Skills Group

The Social Skills Group is a small gathering of students who meet weekly for one hour to work on developing various social skills under the guidance of an LEP Academic Counselor who specializes in peer mentoring and enhancing social competency. Using LEP's social skills-building curriculum along with resources from PEERS, Social Thinking, and more, the Social Skills Group takes a targeted approach toward overcoming obstacles and promoting significant social growth.

Peer Leader Program

As a first-year LEP student, you and a small group of other first-year LEP students will be assigned to a Peer Leader. The LEP Peer Leader Program encourages inclusive, mutually beneficial, and lasting relationships between Peer Leaders and students that promote academic preparedness, self-esteem, and resource-seeking skills, helping students connect and engage with the DU community. You are expected to meet with your Peer Leader on a weekly basis to check in, either individually or with your group. Your Peer Leader is an ally and advocate for you across campus, and can help you navigate the challenges of academics, social opportunities, accessing DU resources, and more.

Social Skills Coaching and Development

If you'd like to dive deeper into developing your social skills, you can discuss arranging an individualized coaching and development program with your academic counselor, who may recommend scheduling a meeting with the counselor leading the social skills-building curriculum.