About Us

The Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) was founded in 1982 as an academic support program for University students with learning disabilities. Since then we have developed some of the most comprehensive and innovative support services provided at the post-secondary level. Our nationally recognized program serves over 350 students each year.

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LEP's Mission

To support learning and neurodiversity by providing students opportunities and resources for personal growth, academic skill building, and connection.

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Putting Our Mission into Practice

Our focus is on the academic growth of students in the LEP. We work with each student to ensure they understand:

  • Their learning difference and how it impacts their experience
  • How to identify, access, and effectively use resources
  • How to find a health balance between all aspects of their adult life
  • How to set, adjust, and achieve educational goals

And much more!

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Help Us Fulfill Our Mission

Support us as we work to expand the definition of Inclusive Excellence, to include those who learn "differently."

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