College Transition Support

The LEP provides a comprehensive transition experience that equips you with the skills for navigating change. This includes resources, relationships, and knowledge to help you internalize the belief that you possess the power to effect positive change in your life through effort and action.

Transition Into and Through College

The LEP is here to help you with...

  • Orientation and acclimation into the DU campus environment
  • The academic, social, psychological, and developmental tasks involved with the college experience
  • Resources and support as you navigate challenges associated with moving beyond college and into the world of work, careers, graduate level coursework, or other fulfilling endeavors

First Year Experience (FLYTE)

Your first introduction to the LEP's transition support is our First Year Experience (FLYTE), which includes a variety of opportunities to engage with the LEP prior to DU's orientation week. Check out FLYTE!

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