Apply to LEP

The LEP application process is entirely separate from the DU admissions process. However, we encourage students to submit their LEP information at the same time they apply to the University, though we accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year*. Please email if you have any questions or would like support completing the application process.

*For the upcoming academic year, please apply and contract by July 1st to avoid a potential waitlist.

Current DU Students: LEP Application (2023-2024)

Student on a field forming the letters DU.

Starting at DU Next Year: LEP Application (2024-2025)

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  • Step 1: Complete Application
  • Step 2: Submit Documentation

    Accepted forms of documentation include an IEP, 504 plan, neuropsychological evaluation, or doctor's note. Please have this documentation ready to submit when you complete your application. For questions or potential alternate forms of documentation, contact 

  • Step 3: Application Evaluation

    If you've applied to DU early action or early decision and also submitted an LEP application, please know that we will evaluate LEP applications and get back to you by the end of January each year. Otherwise, the LEP admits students on a rolling basis starting February 1st and will evaluate applications within two weeks of being accepted to the University or completing the LEP application if already accepted.