Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function Coaching is a component of the LEP dedicated to supporting the developing cognitive and behavioral abilities of our neurodiverse student population.

The goal of Executive Function Coaching is to support students with continually improving upon their cognitive and behavioral abilities by recognizing existing executive strengths and identifying areas for growth. Ultimately students will better utilize executive tools in order to successfully navigate the college experience.

Executive Functioning Sub-Skills

The following are representative of cognitive and behavioral skills that students can focus on developing:

  • Time Management, Planning, Prioritizing

    Includes anticipating future events, setting goals, developing appropriate steps to carry out an associated action, and carrying out tasks in a systematic manner.

  • Task Monitoring

    Includes checking work and assessing performance during or after finishing a task to ensure attainment of a goal.

  • Organization of Materials

    Includes keeping workspace, living areas, and materials in an orderly manner. 

  • Inhibiting

    Includes controlling impulses and appropriately stopping behaviors at the right time.

  • Shifting

    Includes moving freely from one situation, or aspect of a problem, to another as needed; solving problems flexibly.

  • Emotional Control

    Students exhibit this by modulating emotional responses appropriately.

  • Self-Monitoring

    Includes keeping track of the effect of one's own behavior on others and attending to one's own behavior in the social context.

  • Initiating

    Includes beginning a task or activity; fluidly generating ideas.

  • Working Memory

    Includes holding information in mind for the purpose of completing a task; staying with, or sticking to an activity.

LEP's Approach to Executive Functioning Skill Development 

All students enrolled in the LEP receive support during their Academic Counseling meetings which includes executive functioning assessment.   

At the targeted level, LEP Academic Counselors consult with the LEP Executive Function Coach for additional support and resources   

If Academic Counselors assess and determine that executive functioning skill development requires more support, they will refer students individually to meet one-on-one with the LEP Executive Function Coach. These meetings are strategy focused and implementation is individualized. 

Both Academic Counselors and the Executive Function Coach follow up to assess skill development.