Executive Functioning Support

Executive Functioning Support is a component of the LEP dedicated to supporting the developing executive functioning abilities of our neurodiverse student population.

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The essential goal of Executive Functioning Support is to enhance the metacognitive awareness of our students by helping them identify existing executive strengths and isolate areas of potential growth for further development. We teach you how to separate the executive skills you can develop from those that must be accommodated, so you may better utilize the executive tools you have in order to successfully navigate the college experience.

Executive functioning skills include:

  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Goal-directed persistence
  • Task initiation
  • Sustained attention
  • Mental flexibility
  • Working memory
  • Emotional control
  • Impulse control
  • Metacognition


Tiered Support Model

LEP executive functioning support is provided through a tiered approach. At the universal level, all students enrolled in the LEP receive baseline support during their Academic Counseling meetings around the executive functioning skills of time management, organization, planning/prioritizing, and goal-directed persistence.

At the targeted level, LEP Academic Counselors consult with the LEP Executive Functioning Specialist for additional support and resources the Academic Counselor can use in their meetings with you. Additionally, the Executive Functioning Specialist may join you during one of your weekly Academic Counseling meetings.

At the intensive level, you and your Academic Counselor determine, together, that your executive functioning skill development needs are beyond what you can cover during your weekly 60-minute meeting. Your Academic Counselor will then refer you to meet individually with the LEP Executive Functioning Specialist. These 45-minute meetings are strategy-focused, and it is expected that before scheduling a follow-up meeting, you will work independently to determine whether the strategies work for you.