SDS: Jamworks Knowledge Base

Jamworks is an AI notetaking support platform. With Jamworks, you record your lectures, and Jamworks will create:

  • AI generated notes
  • AI generated summary
  • AI generated audio highlights
  • A full transcription of the recording
  • Study tools based on the recording. 

It is a slick all-in-one platform  available to students who have been approved for the notetaking support accommodation. 

SDS can add students who are approved for this accommodation to our account, when seats are available. If you are approved for the notetaking support accommodation, and would like to be added to Jamworks, please contact

students in a lecture hall

Getting Started with Jamworks

Once you have been added to the SDS Jamworks account, you will need to do the following: 

  1. Check your DU email! You will get an email from Jamworks to finish setting up your account
  2. Follow the steps in that email
  3. Download the Jamworks app to your computer/tablet/device
  4. Record your class using the app
  5. After class is done, 
  6. It will automatically upload to the JamWorks cloud.
  7. Go to and log in (or click “Go to my JamWorks account” at the bottom of the app)
  8. Select the correct recording
  9. Go to “Key Points” below the video to see notes
    1. It may take 15-30 minutes for notes to generate depending on how long the class is.
    2. If notes have not generated after 30 minutes, you can click “regenerate key points” to generate them.

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Recording to Notes: Step by Step







To use Jamworks, you will need:

  1. The Jamworks app
  2. The Jamworks webpage

Step 1: Record your Class

Record your class using the JamWorks App. You can highlight important sections as you go!

The Jamworks app screen. At the bottom of the screen, there is a blue button to begin recording

Step 2: End your recording

When class is done, end your recording. Once ended, the recording will automatically upload to your Jamworks account. 

Step 3: Access your notes

Go to the Jamworks website (not the app!). Select the correct recording, then click "key points." You will find your notes here! 

The Jamworks student webpage. The button for key points is highlighted.

Jamworks Bonus Features