Peer Mentorship

The New Student and Family Programs office has three student leadership opportunities: the Office Assistant position and two positions within the umbrella of 4D Peer Mentors. These positions are the 4D Student Coordinator and the 4D Peer Mentor. 

These positions support the new student and parent and family experience, as well as their personal student leadership development. The common thread through these positions is a commitment to amplifying the 4D experience through peer mentorship. Additionally, supporting student leadership development and mentoring abilities. Learn more about our student leadership opportunities below. 


Office Assistant

The New Student and Family Programs Office Assistant role supports all members of the New Student and Family Programs team.  They do so by maintaining the organization of physical and digital spaces for the New Student and Family Programs team, promptly and professionally communicating with new students and their families, as well as working alongside the team to enhance new student and family programming. 

This position is not posted on a cycle and is intermittently available to students to meet the needs of the office. If you are interested in learning more about the office and opportunity, please contact our office at 

4D Peer Mentor

The 4D Peer Mentor is a dynamic role, that mirrors that of the DU Student Experience. By engaging with and through the 4D model, 4D Peer Mentor guides incoming students to create a sense of belonging and community during Discoveries Orientation week through the establishment of a relationship with their associated FSEM course and build on these relationships through First Ascent or on-campus First Year Programming. In these spaces and conversations, 4D Peer Mentors will model the roles and responsibilities of DU community members and thus empower their first-year student mentees to thrive at and beyond the university, as defined by the 4D Student Experience.

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