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Volunteers in Partnership (VIP) partners with students, parents, faculty, and staff from Abraham Lincoln High School, Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS), Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST): Montview, DSST: Green Valley Ranch, East High School, Hinkley High School, Pinnacle Charter School, South High School, West Early College, and West Leadership Academy in a commitment to our three main objectives:

  1. Promote self-esteem in students
  2. Help students complete high school and continue their education or training
  3. Bridge the transition between middle school and high school, as well as the transition between post-secondary education or training and careers

VIP succeeds because it is coordinated by the University of Denver staff and assisted by VIP students who serve as role models and mentors to kids from similar economic and cultural backgrounds. In giving back, the DU VIP students develop strong leadership and program management skills in addition to deepening their commitment to impact the lives of others. Students give at least 15 hours of volunteer time to the VIP program each academic quarter.

VIP Programs

  • High School Programs

    High school students learn about the importance of a college education through workshops at their high school and DU campus visits. During campus visits, students experience the daily routine of a university student through an admission presentation, a VIP student panel, a college lecture/demo by a DU instructor, lunch in the dining halls, and a tour of the campus. Learning first-hand about the rigors and delights of college life often leaves these students feeling motivated to excel in high school and aspire to higher education.

  • Summer Link to College

    Summer Link is a five-day residential program for rising high school juniors that provides an introduction to college life. Students stay in the residence halls at DU, attend classes taught by University professors, and participate in workshops that motivate them to successfully complete high school and prepare for the college application process. Additionally, students attend community and cultural events, with follow-up activities continuing until graduation from high school.

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  • Junior and Senior Outreach (One-on-One College Advising)

    During the academic year, DU student volunteers advise high school juniors and seniors weekly on college applications, essays, financial aid, scholarships, interviews, and expectations. This process begins with "The Perfect Application" workshop and continues with one-on-one meetings that help students become more comfortable and confident about applying and going to college.

  • Family and Parent Engagement

    VIP assists families in filling out FAFSA and their CSS Profiles, as well as sponsoring parent meetings, events, and campus visits. VIP partners with the Denver Public Schools Office of Family & Community Engagement, College in Colorado, the Denver Scholarship Foundation, and the administrations at each of our partner schools to help support parent engagement initiatives focusing on college access and success.

  • Middle School Link to College

    Middle School Link is a year-long program for 6th- to 8th-grade students at Kepner Middle School and West Leadership Academy that incorporates educational workshops and field trips. The program gives students a taste of college life and motivates them to begin thinking about a college education.

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