DACA/Undocumented Student Resources

Education without Discrimination

The University of Denver is committed to fostering a diverse and welcoming campus community for all students, free from discrimination of any kind. This includes discrimination based on immigration status.

As part of this commitment, we welcome and encourage students with an undocumented immigration status, including those protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, to apply using our international student admissions process.

Financial Aid

At DU, we realize the cost of college can be especially difficult for immigrant families who often find themselves restricted from many sources of financial aid. Although undocumented students are ineligible for federal student aid, the University does not discriminate in offering merit- and talent-based scholarships, Residence Hall Grants, the DU Educational Grant, and more. Additionally, Colorado Student Grants and the Colorado Work-Study program are available to undocumented students who meet eligibility requirements.

Financial assistance is available regardless of immigration status!

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Situational Financial Assistance

Aside from help with tuition and the other major expenses of attending college, financial assistance is also available via the Office of Student Outreach & Support for incidental financial emergencies, unexpected circumstances, and other situational needs.

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Additional Resources

  • Health & Counseling Center

    The DU Health & Counseling Center provides medical and counseling services to all students, regardless of their immigration status. The University endeavors to keep care at the HCC as affordable as possible through the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

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  • Cultural Center

    DU's Cultural Center, together with our students, provide support services for undocumented students attending DU. We'll help you navigate the transition to college life and provide the resources you need for a successful college career. With academic advising, career support, and organizations committed to welcoming undocumented students, The Cultural Center is here to help from your first day through graduation.

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