Pre-College Programs

The transition to college life involves much more than simply attending a new school. For many, it marks the first experience of living (at least somewhat) independently, and represents by far the biggest step they've ever taken toward true adulthood. It's exciting — full of opportunities and possibilities — but for most students, especially those who are first-generation, minoritized, or otherwise underrepresented, it can also be overwhelming, confusing, and scary.

FIRST@DU recognizes how crucial it is for students from marginalized groups to get the guidance and support they need in order to confidently and successfully face these challenges. That's why we've partnered with middle and high schools across the Denver area to develop and implement targeted pre-college programs designed to equip future undergraduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to make transitioning to college both manageable and rewarding.

Volunteers in Partnership - VIP

Volunteers in Partnership (VIP) encompasses a series of pre-college programs partnering economically disadvantaged high school students with DU undergraduate volunteers from similar backgrounds. With help and oversight from DU faculty and staff, the volunteers act as mentors and role models, guiding participants through the process of college applications, admissions, and orientation, as they prepare to take their first steps into independent adulthood.

Get on track for collegiate success with VIP!

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