At FIRST@DU, we realize affordability is the single greatest driver of unequal access to education. That's why we work hard to uncover every available scholarship opportunity for our students, helping bring the cost of college within reach. Follow the links below for information on scholarships that may be right for you, available grants, financial aid, and more!

Available Scholarships and Scholarship Resources

FIRST@DU serves as a critical point of contact for the following scholarship participants. Choose a card below to learn more about the scholarship that's right for you!

Daniels Fund Scholarship

The Daniels Fund is a four-year college scholarship for academically accomplished low- to middle-income high school seniors graduating from schools in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming.

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Davis New Mexico Scholarship

The Davis New Mexico Scholarship helps make college accessible for first-generation college students in New Mexico through its partnerships with schools like DU.

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Denver Scholarship Foundation

The Denver Scholarship Foundation offers its DSF Scholarship to qualifying graduates of Denver Public Schools and maintains a directory linking prospective students to many more potential scholarship opportunities.

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For a student like me, a first-generation Latina, a scholarship means every dream becoming a possibility.

Mayerli Lopez-Hernandez, sophomore, 2021 More about Mayerli

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