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1GenU is a four-year developmental and community-building program that focuses on assisting first-generation students and their families in navigating the college experience while providing mentorship and academic resources to ensure their success at DU and post-graduation.


1GENU application have closed for the 2023-24 academic year. 


1GenU strives to:

  • Create a welcoming environment that builds a sense of belonging among incoming first-generation students, their families, and the DU community
  • Share knowledge and information about roles and community resources to help 1GenU students better navigate their college experience
  • Engage collaboratively with the DU and Denver communities
  • Build a community of support among 1GenU students at the University
  • Help first-generation students acclimate to college life by providing pre-exposure to the University and broader community
  • Provide a network of University and peer support for first-generation students

Program Overview

Each year of the 1GenU program focuses on different specific aspects of academic, professional, and personal development.

  • Year One: Student Success & College Transition

    • Helps first-generation students acclimate to college life by hosting a pre-orientation experience the week prior to DU's general orientation
    • Provides 1GenU students with campus information and identity development resources to help smooth their transition into college life
  • Year Two: Community Engagement & Connection

      • Hosts on-campus events to get first-generation students involved
      • Helps facilitate relationship building between fellow students, faculty, staff, and the broader community
      • Starts 1GenU students participating in community service
    • Year Three: Career Readiness & Mentorship

        • Provides first-generation students with help and support in building their resumes, writing cover letters, and creating LinkedIn profiles
        • Offers mentorship opportunities
      • Year Four: Transition & Career Exploration

          • Provides networking opportunities and job/post-graduation preparation to help smooth 1GenU students' transition out of college and into adult life



        Dong Dinh, MA