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Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (E-STEM) is a DU academic success program serving undergraduate students from historically underrepresented groups who elect to major in the STEM fields. Our mission is to nurture the strengths of these students, helping them successfully transition to the college environment and navigate the STEM programs at DU.

About E-STEM

The E-STEM program is focused on developing a strong, welcoming STEM community that builds a sense of belonging and fosters an atmosphere of empowerment among historically underrepresented students at DU. Through education on power and privilege in the STEM fields, along with weekly success sessions, peer mentorship, intensive advising, guidance, and support, E-STEM helps provide the tools necessary to excel academically and thrive professionally.

***Applications have been extended until June 13th at 11:59pm M.T. Priority consideration will be given to those who have submitted their application by June 6, 2024 at 11:59pm M.T. ***

Applications for E-STEM is open for incoming 2024 scholars! Access the application here.



The E-STEM program has three main goals:

  1. Maximize retention.
    • Increasing the number of E-STEM scholars who progress through college to graduation and beyond improves equity in these traditionally homogeneous fields.
  2. Boost academic success.
    • Guiding our E-STEM students to achieve the high GPAs necessary for scholarships, graduate school, and future careers helps to not only maximize retention, but develop adept representative future leaders.
  3. Build STEM identity.
    • Helping historically underrepresented students develop strong, confident STEM identities is key to success in and diversification of the predominately white and male STEM fields.


Program Overview

  • Early Access

    E-STEM students can move in early, gaining a head start on acclimating to dorm life and familiarizing themselves with the DU campus, local neighborhood, and greater Denver.

  • Community Building and Academic Success

    During their first year, E-STEM students attend weekly Student Success Seminars where they learn academic success tools, explore STEM careers, engage in professional development, and network with faculty, industry professionals, and other students. They also explore issues of equity and diversity within the STEM fields and begin developing their identities as STEM scholars and individuals.

  • Academic Excellence Workshops

    Held weekly, AEWs allow E-STEM scholars to utilize collaborative learning and teaching methods in order to develop the academic strategies and study skills necessary for successfully navigating the STEM programs at DU.

  • Summer Bridge

    During the Summer Bridge experience, E-STEM scholars connect with other incoming students, peer mentors, STEM faculty, and graduate students. They also participate in activities and workshops designed to help them transition from high school to college life.

  • Support Through College and Beyond

    The E-STEM program connects its scholars to research and internship opportunities and helps them to prepare resumes and build interview skills necessary for acceptance to competitive graduate school programs and STEM careers.

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Partner Programs and Affinity Groups

Partner Programs at DU

  • College of Natural Science & Mathematics (CNSM)
  • Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science (RSECS)
  • African Students United
  • Asian Student Alliance
  • Biracial & Multiracial Alliance
  • Black Student Alliance
  • Hillel
  • International Student Organization
  • Latine Student Alliance
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Pacific Islander Alliance
  • Native Student Alliance
  • Queer Student Alliance
  • South Asian Student Alliance
  • Vietnamese Student Association
  • Black Graduate Student Association

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