1GenU is a four-year developmental and community-building program that focuses on assisting first-generation students and their families in navigating the institution while providing mentorship and academic resources to ensure their success at DU and post-graduation.

Each year of the program focuses on a specific aspect of academic, professional, and personal development. The first year focuses on Student Success and College Transition by providing students with campus resources and identity development. 1GenU students then transition into a year concentrated in Community Engagement and Connection by getting involved on campus, building relationships, and participating in community service. The third-year places an emphasis on Career Readiness and mentorship by supporting students with their resume and cover letters, their LinkedIn profile, and provide you with mentorship opportunities. The fourth and final year will focus on Transition and Career Exploration through networking opportunities and job/post-graduation preparation

1GenU strives to:

  • Create a welcoming environment that builds a sense of belonging among incoming first-generation students and their families with the larger DU community
  • Share knowledge around roles and community resources to navigate their time at the University
  • Engage collaboratively with the DU and Denver community
  • Build a community to support students at the University
  • Provide pre-exposure to the University and the community
  • Provide University and peer support

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  • Can I still participate in the program even if I am signed up to live in a living learning community?

    Yes! 1GenU is open to students that are participating in a Living Learning Community (LLC). When you select your housing, you can choose to live with the LLC. You will still need to complete the 1GenU application and still will have an opportunity to participate fully with 1GenU.

  • What does participating in 1GenU look like?

    1GenU has its own orientation a week before DU's orientation week (2 weeks before classes start). This orientation is dedicated to providing extra support and time for students to build relationships and get acquainted with the campus environment. Throughout each quarter, 1GenU will host a few required events such as speakers, workshops, and 1-on-1 meetings with the program director or ambassadors dedicated to enforcing the overall goal for that year.

  • Does 1GenU have a first-generation floor in the residence halls?

    Yes! You can apply to live in the first-generation floor in Centennial Halls in your 1GenU application. However, it is not required to live here. If you are part of a Living and Learning Community (LLC) that requires you to live on their floor, you cannot reside on the first-generation floor.

  • Does 1GenU have a scholarship?

    Yes! 1GenU provides a $150 book scholarship every quarter.

  • How much does 1GenU cost?

    1GenU is offered at NO COST to the participants and is fully funded by Access and Transitions.


Dong Dinh, MA