Access & Transitions

Welcome to Access and Transitions Programs! Our area provides support for pathway program, first-generation, minoritized, and other underrepresented students by

• creating community activities
• offering mentorship
• hosting academic success workshops
• promoting leadership development
• providing resource referrals
• sharing potential scholarship support

From years-long support programs to one-time workshops, we offer tons of services to help you get the most of your DU experience. See below for details about each program 

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  • Equity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (E-STEM)

    E-STEM originated in 2017 as a partnership with the School of Engineering & Computer Science and Natural Science & Mathematics department. E-STEM builds connections with students, faculty, and staff by offering shared co-enrollment courses where students from underrepresented backgrounds attend weekly success session to reinforce the academic content. Community sessions with the different cohort years provide a chance for networking with guest speakers and build a community for students to succeed in the STEM fields. Contact Anthea Johnson Rooen for more information.

  • Excelling Leaders Institute (ELI)

    ELI is a four-year leadership development and community-building program. ELI works to create an open and inclusive campus environment for students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds as they transition to DU. Through a peer mentoring program and additional workshops, students will have a chance to develop their leadership skills while promoting academic success. Contact Latisha Clerkley for more information.

  • First Generation Initiatives (1GenU) and DACA/Undocumented Support

    1GenU is a four-year developmental and community-building program that focuses on assisting first-generation students and their families in navigating the institution while providing mentorship and academic resources to ensure their success, both while at DU and post-graduation. Students will become part of a close-knit and supportive community with other incoming first-generation students, faculty, and staff. Each year of the program focuses on a specific aspect of academic, professional, and personal development to ensure success at the university and beyond. Contact Alfredo Gallegos for more information.

    DACA/Undocumented DREAMER Student Support 

  • Volunteers In Partnership (VIP)

    The VIP program partners with 9 local schools to encourage completion of high school and matriculation into college. VIP builds relationships with students, staff, and faculty within local schools to provide coaching, mentorship, campus visits, and information on the college application process. VIP students are eligible for DU scholarships and receive continued support through their collegiate experience. VIP students also return to our partner schools to provide guidance and support for the next generation of scholars. Contact Linda Quintanar for more information.