Temporary Accommodations

DSP provides temporary accommodations for longer-lasting injuries or illnesses, including but not limited to broken bones, concussions, and ongoing illnesses lasting multiple weeks. Students with seasonal or very short-term illness (i.e. flu, cold, conjunctivitis) or other brief medical conditions should work directly with their instructors to discuss informal arrangements.

DSP Approval

Approval for accommodations or adjustments are decided on a case-by-case basis. Approval may apply to only one assignment or instance, the course work in a single class, or the course work in every class, in addition to other University programs, services and activities. DSP will determine the reasonableness of requested accommodations based on the information provided by the student and any appropriate supporting documentation.

Once a student has been determined eligible for temporary accommodations, the DSP will provide a Letter of Approved Accommodation (LOAA) to the appropriate faculty or University personnel detailing the accommodations that have been approved and timelines for eligibility. Students approved for temporary accommodations should follow the processes and procedures outlined in the DSP Student Handbook associated with the accommodations for which they’ve been determined eligible.