Student Veteran Scholarships

Applying for scholarships is an important step in almost every college student's academic experience. Scholarships can help you close the gap when it comes to paying for your education, books, and necessities.

There are tons of veteran-specific scholarships available, but don't limit yourself! Your skills, talents, and experiences as a student veteran are universally valuable. On this page, we'll direct you toward the wide variety of scholarships available from the University of Denver and provide links to help you track down outside scholarships available to veterans and more. With so many potential opportunities to help fund your education, why not begin your search today?

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

University of Denver Scholarship Programs

The University of Denver offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities. Head over to our general scholarship and grant page to discover more ways to fund your education.

Conduct General Scholarship Searches

Don't limit yourself to veteran-specific scholarships. A general scholarship search can open new avenues for demonstrating your unique value as a student veteran. We offer several DU-oriented scholarships, but we also recommend looking elsewhere to maximize your potential funds.

Search for Military- and Veteran-Specific Awards

Student veterans deserve support. To this end, there are many scholarship opportunities for which only veterans are eligible. If you haven't yet, you should apply to as many veteran scholarships as possible to fund your education at the University of Denver. and the Pat Tillman Foundation are outstanding resources for veteran scholarships.


Yellow Ribbon Funding

The University of Denver is partnered with the Yellow Ribbon Funding Program, which seeks to keep out-of-state colleges and private universities within reach for student veterans whose GI Bill® benefits are already maxed out. Beginning in 2017, the Yellow Ribbon Funding Program increased its fund availability. DU now offers an additional $5,000, which the US Department of Veterans Affairs has agreed to match.