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Congratulations on your admission to the University of Denver! The Office of Veterans & Military Resources is here to support you throughout your college experience. If you ever feel overwhelmed or disconnected from the community, please do not hesitate to reach out. We'll do what it takes to help you move forward with your studies or get involved in the DU community.

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Veterans' Peer-to-Peer Network: Vets Helping Vets


The Office of Veterans & Military Resources is proud to facilitate the Veterans’ Peer-to-Peer Network program. Interested incoming veteran students are paired with experienced alumni mentors based on academic interests, extracurricular activities, and other hobbies. Mentors introduce new students to our community and help them make a smooth transition into higher education. All current University of Denver student veterans are eligible to participate.

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Right Foot Forward: Career Prep


Right Foot Forward is a transition program for student veterans at the University of Denver, matching them with industry-professional mentors based on their career aspirations.

During a series of meetings with a DU Career Advisor and their industry mentor, each student veteran develops a professionally formatted resume, meets industry contacts, and improves their social media presence, leaving them confident and ready to embark on the job search process.

Student veterans who complete to the Right Foot Forward program won't just feel more confident; they'll look it too! Upon completion of the program, each mentee receives a custom-fitted suit from Brooks Brothers, compliments of the University of Denver’s Office of Veterans & Military Resources.

Join Right Foot Forward and get matched with an industry-professional mentor of your own by contacting Career Services today!

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Share Your Valuable Professional Experience With a Student Veteran

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"My mentor provided me with valuable advice on how to effectively prepare for roles which require public speaking. Most importantly, having an RFF mentorship was beneficial in helping me to appreciate the unique skills I have as a veteran and highlight those skills in a way that civilian employers understand and can relate to. Plus, I got a custom-tailored suit for free." Tyler Bender, MA 2017

Academic Resources for Veterans

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    MyDU is the key to your academic success. You can access events happening on campus, your student profile, register for classes, and much more!

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    Canvas lets you access all of your classes, message your instructor, view your calendar, and follow your grades. To log in, use your DU ID number (87 number).

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    University Libraries

    The University Libraries are your resource for research projects. Access DU databases and archives, or seek help from DU's outstanding librarians.

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    Student Veterans Recalled for Active Duty

    The University of Denver supports students called to active duty in the armed services by providing academic support, tuition relief or refunds, and by reinstating students whose documented service has required their sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from enrollment at the University.

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Join SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society

Take your education to the next level while building valuable connections with other highly motivated student veterans in the SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society.

SALUTE can help you enhance your resume with a formal academic acknowledgment, demonstrate your commitment to the community through volunteer work, and engage in leadership roles as an officer of the honor society. Membership also provides opportunities to compete for scholarships, engage in national SALUTE programs, and attend valuable networking functions with local employers seeking to hire qualified veterans who demonstrate a dedication to furthering their education.

Upon graduation, all SALUTE members receive a formal certificate commemorating their participation, and exclusive honor regalia demonstrating their academic achievement.

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Veteran Housing


The transition to a new city or community can be difficult. That's why the Office of Veterans & Military Resources has begun working with off-campus housing to help with your transition. We are now able to reserve housing for veterans, active duty, and reservists who are attending the University of Denver.

Currently on reserve we have two 2-bedroom units and three studio units. All are located on University property within walking distance of the Coors Fitness Center, Driscoll Student Center, and all DU classrooms. And because they're on University property, DU Campus Safety is just a phone call away.

See examples of the units available here.

To sign up, start by filling out our housing questionnaire.

Housing Questionnaire

Support for Veterans and Their Families

The Sturm Center


The Sturm Center provides high-quality, evidence-based and confidential behavioral health services for military families on the University of Denver Campus in the Ammi Hyde Building. It welcomes all veterans (no matter discharge status, era, or combat status), service members (including Guard and Reserve), and their families.

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Veterans Advocacy Project

The Veterans Advocacy Project pairs individual military veterans with teams of Colorado attorneys and Denver Law students. These teams work primarily on VA disability benefit compensation and discharge upgrade cases.

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Flex: Manage Your Money Without Carrying Cash

Flex is a flexible spending (debit) account linked to your Pioneer Card that facilitates secure and convenient transactions for a variety of products and services both on and off campus.

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DU Athletics: Go Pioneers!


Excited to become a Pioneer? Well, we're excited about it too! The University of Denver community hopes to see you at a game or sporting event cheering on your fellow students! Check the link below to see upcoming games.

Denver Pioneers
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Are You Commissioning?

Veterans Services is here to help make your event memorable. Contact Damon Vine to get started.

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