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Social Justice Education (SJE) (formerly Inclusion & Equity Education) has announced its Spring 2024 schedule for Social Justice After Dark, a series of FREE evening workshops for ALL students beginning April 15th, 2024.

SJ after Dark Spring 2024


At each training, students will receive a FREE voucher redeemable either at the Community Commons dining hall or Starbucks. There will also be fun underwater-themed giveaways at each session!

Students who complete 3 out of 5 workshops within 12 months will receive a FREE swag bag (including SJE branded long sleeve, tote bag, koozies, and custom stickers).

All sessions count toward RSO Harm Prevention!

Students can register on CrimsonConnect by scanning the QR code on the flyer or visiting


NOW HIRING--Social Justice Peer Educators 2024-2025


Do you have a passion for Social Justice, beyond just an appreciation for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion?

  • Does the current state of the world, where rampant social, political, and economic inequalities persist across social identity groups, frustrate you and motivate you to take action?
  • Do you tend to take on formal or informal leadership roles among your peers and in your communities to create more equitable, welcoming, and inclusive spaces for all?
  • Does your lived experience, either as a member of or close ally to a historically marginalized group, inform the way you move through the world and help you view our social reality through different lenses?
  • Are you comfortable supporting others with getting uncomfortable and facilitating at times difficult conversations around charged social issues?

If these qualities sound like you, we invite you to apply to be a Social Justice Peer Educator (SJPE).

Students can apply on PCO or by visitng Application Deadline is 9 am on May 6th, 2024.

Opportunities. Participate in an open workshop!


Check upcoming events, including workshops that fulfill RSO credit for USG harm reduction requirement


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  • Event Co/Sponsorship Information

    While most of our time and budgets are already committed each year to in-house projects, we sometimes co/sponsor and/or collaborate on special events that actively bring together our diverse communities, to engage students intentionally and constructively across difference.

    Please review this website for types of past and current events, and email well in advance, with your ideas and available details. (Click here for PDF info sheet regarding +Dialogue events.)

    Please note: Simply inviting a variety of communities to attend an event (hoping for presence) is not our goal. We seek to create and support programs where active and intentional intergroup interaction (e.g., meaningful discussion) is a structured part of the event process, not simply with diversity in the audience or as a subject matter.

    Some past events have included:


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