Workshops & Consultation

IEE offers a variety of prepared and customized workshops and consultations, geared toward students and those who support them.

For faculty/instructor and employee/workplace-focused content, please check: DEI division | OTL | HRIC

For all our sessions, bear in mind that they offer insights into, not exhaustive coverage of, their topics, as most of them focus on subjects people can and do spend entire careers engaging. As do we, please approach with a humility about what participants can gain realistically in available time, as well as openness to the addition learning whatever your prior knowledge.

Upcoming Open Workshops

Spring '23 open sessions have all passed.

Stay tuned for summer schedule, check events in CrimsonConnect for other events, and/or request a workshop for your student group via section below. (RSOs seeking Harm Reduction requirements can request from full menu of options in CrimsonConnect, in leftside menu.)


Sessions may be in person or virtual; check details for each. Details will be sent by email with confirmation/reminder.

When no schedule/links are posted above, then none are scheduled yet; please check back. (We juggle topical interest, facilitator availability, and campus spaces to get each term's schedule up ASAP!)

  • Open workshops are 90-110 minutes long, depending on content.
  • We ask that all participants be present for the entire session. Arriving late or leaving early means you miss material for yourself, and can disrupt others' learning.
  • Advance registration is required so that we can confirm sessions will "make," prepare materials, and provide updates/ reminders.

Prepared Workshops

We currently offer the following workshops, available on-request for groups. (Individuals should check and sign-up for our open sessions, posted above if scheduled.)

  • Queer & Ally (Q&A) Trainings

    This series of workshops provide introduction and deeper dives around genders and sexualities, the LGBTIQ+ experience, and opportunities to act as an Ally. Visit the Q&A pages for details on workshops and the Q&A Network.

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) 101

    This session introduces groups to DEI, its relation to University mission and values, and supports affiliates in connecting the frameworks to their role and activities on campus. Longer sessions provide more time to develop specific work/role action plans.

  • Microaggression Intervention (meets RSO Harm Prevention req)

    An introduction to what constitutes and how to respond to, everyday microaggressions. Can include group work on practicing response options. (The full version meets the USG Harm Reduction requirement for RSOs.)

  • Intro to Dialogue Skills

    This workshop introduces the concept of "dialogue" as distinct from other, more common forms of interaction, and gives participants opportunities to practice the skills needed to make dialoguing across difference successful. Participants will engage in listening and questioning activities that challenge them to effectively share their own experiences while being meaningfully impacted by the lived experiences of others.

  • Facilitation Training

    We get many requests for one-time, brief dialogue facilitator trainings; and appreciate the interest. However, facilitation requires more than an hour or two of introduction, prep and practice; our DU DialogUes facilitators, for example, are required to complete at least 16 hours of intensive training.

    So instead, please consider

    • our Dialogue Skills workshop (above) as a good overview of awareness and skills everyone can use in deeper conversations,
    • or check our DU DialogUes page for information on upcoming facilitation training opportunities.

Request a Workshop

Prepared Workshops

If you are interested in having a prepared workshop (from menu above) for students (club, club, or office), please fill out a request form as far in advance as possible. (For other audiences, visit the DU DEI portal.)

Online workshop request form

Resident Assistants (RAs), please review our RA collaboration guide (PDF) before requesting a program via form above.

We are working to revamp our Q&A Trainings, and to add workshops on Power & Privilege, Allyship, and more! (If you're interested in serving on the development work groups, let us know by emailing

Custom Workshops

We can also work with you to adapt existing or create entirely new workshops whose content and schedule best meet the needs of your group.

Please review our Collaborative Workshop page for details and to submit your request as early as possible.


In some cases, individuals or units/organizations can benefit from a conversation instead of or in addition to a workshop. Our staff is happy to meet in-person or speak by phone/Zoom, to discuss specific situations or general approaches for greater inclusion. We can connect you to useful on- or off-campus resources, consider whether/ what trainings might be effective, suggest possible proactive/ reactive steps, and more. Contact us at with questions.

Additional Campus Resources

Visit the DU DEI Portal for all-campus resources and other key campus offices who offer diversity, equity and inclusion opportunities.

Report health and safety threats to DU Campus Safety (303.871.3000), and bias/discrimination incidents to Equal Opportunity/Title IX.


Check above for open sessions, and/or find us on CrimsonConnect student engagement platform !

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