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One of IEE's focal areas is building skills and providing opportunities for positive interaction across difference-- ie, dialogue. With campus and community partners, we're piloting a range of events, programs and other resources, including those below.


Rooted in decades of research and practice, these models gather small groups for multiple sessions of facilitated conversations, allowing you to build relationships, reflect on your individual and collective experiences, and increase understanding and collaboration. 


Building on past events and programs (such as Voices of Discovery co-curricular dialogues and our FORWARD facilitator training), we have partnered with Conflict Engagement & Resolution Initiative (CERI), DU Community + Values Initiative, and the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network to bring several dialogue models to DU. Rooted in decades of research and practice, these models gather small groups of students for sessions of facilitated conversations, allowing participants to build relationships, reflect on their individual and collective experiences, and increase understanding and collaboration around critical DEI issues.

In concert with other IEE programs, DU DialogUes provides students with personal, professional and community development opportunities as we meaningfully engage one another to increase mutual understanding around current events, salient identities, and complex issues.

2022 Day of DialogUe

Join us Saturday, April 9th for this FREE event for students to meet peers, deepen communication skills relevant to any field, and learn about ways to take action.

Details available and registration now open online.

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Program Offerings

  • Single-Session Dialogues

    In addition to ongoing dialogue series, we offer and can collaborate on one-time events to explore a specific issue, incident, or event, and to provide participants a sample of the power of more sustained dialogue.

    • Community Talk: Dialoguing in a Virtual World Part II: Community and Belonging, with DU Community + Values initiative. The first session was on dialogic skills, while the second is a mini fishbowl and breakout dialogue on community and belonging. Thursdays, April 23 and May 7, 11am-12noon.
      • We'll link to a video of first session soon!
    • With the DU Grand Challenges team, we developed host trainings and materials for A Community Table! You choose when, on what platform, and with whom to have a conversation around an important community issues; we provide the rest. Details, registration and tools. (Open through June 11)
    • Check our calendar (above right or full-view) and social media for other upcoming single-session events!

    We’re happy to work with campus colleagues interested in integrating dialogue into their diversity-related events. Click here for a +DialogUe info sheet (PDF); contact us early in your planning process!

  • Dialogue Series

    The most impactful dialogues are those lasting more than a single session, as more time together allows for stronger relationships and deeper exploration of issues. Therefore, sustained dialogues are our ideal involvement for all affiliates.

    • Spring Student Dialogue Series: This quarter,  we've run a 4-week dialogue series as a space to practice dialogic skills and be in community online! When asked what folks needed from community, we were moved to see so many similarities; from a need to re-connect to community, to needing patience, meaningful conversations, and just wanting people to be present, we're excited to be offering these connections! Tuesdays, 2-3.30pm, beginning April 28. (Applications now closed.)
    • Weekly DU DialogUes Chats (Fridays, 3-4pm) have been an opportunity for past dialoguers to reconnect by watching videos, doing writing and arts-based activities, and ultimately connecting across differences during this time of distancing. It's one way to feel a little less distant. Check weekly e-newsletter or email igr@du.edu for Zoom detail.
  • Courses (for-credit)

    More than 150 students participated in our for credit, undergraduate dialogue courses, through Communication Studies. Kudos and thanks to students, facilitators and instructors who helped us pilot this new offering!

    COMN 2000: Identities in Dialogue
    These small classes were offered 2017-2021, and integrated readings, activities, reflective writing, and facilitated dialogue to connect theory and lived experience across our intersectional identities, and culminate in a collaborative project.

    The course fulfilled:

    and as general elective for most other programs!

    We're now exploring additional undergraduate and graduate level participant and facilitator course options. Stay tuned!

    While these are the only for-credit dialogue experiences at the moment, students may be able to participate in some of our programs as part of other courses (as projects or extra credit). Our staff may also be able to serve as or work with site/field supervisors for experiential learning, independent study, or other credits through your academic program. Please check with your instructor or program for what credit possibilities are available, and contact us well in advance to discuss.

  • Student Retreat (annual)

    On hold through COVID. This FREE, 4-day, intensive experience over the MLK holiday weekend each year focuses on building community, learning dialogue skills, and exploring issues of identity and equity.

  • Facilitation Trainings

    Approximately 200 students, staff, faculty and alumns have participated in past weekend trainings, creating a broad network of active campus DialogUers.

    A wonderful personal and professional development opportunity in its own right, we do ask that applicants be committed to applying their learning through active participation in campus dialogue opportunities after being trained. Facilitators are invited to support campus dialogue opportunities, ongoing skills practices, and resources through our Facilitator Fridays enewsletter.

    While there is no cost for DU affiliates to attend, participants had to attend the entire scheduled sessions, usually a full weekend. (There is no short-cut to strong facilitation!) Meals and materials were provided.

    With two weekends offered in fall of 2021, we are now working on more modular, but still high-commitment, training series for the future.

    We also sponsored registrations for active DU DialogUers to the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation national conference in Denver: Fri-Sun, Nov 2-4, 2018.

We are also working with partners to expand learning and use of dialogic practices across campus: orientation and residence hall community-building, restorative justice, and more. Stay tuned!


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