Black Women LEAD

Black women LEAD

Black Women Lead, Empower, Achieve, & Dedicate (BW-LEAD) is a free conference that promotes leadership, academic achievement, and community involvement among Black female high school students. Engaging and interactive workshops, led by Black women committed to empowering other Black women, allow students to share personal stories and lived experiences, helping them gain valuable insight into their identity as Black women and discover what it takes to become leaders in their personal lives, schools, and communities. While the organizational priorities and goals of BW-LEAD are fixed, this program is open to anyone. 

In addition, BW-LEAD helps students prepare to achieve academic success in high school while sharing college preparation activities that open pathways to higher education.

BMIS & BW-LEAD Scholars Program

The BMIS & BW-LEAD Scholars Program continues the conversations and momentum developed by BMIS and BW-LEAD in leadership, education, and Black identity. This expansion provides scholars the opportunity to connect with our program on a regular basis through events, workshops, and visits to various Colorado companies, the University of Denver, and other four-year institutions. With a focus on exploring careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the Scholars Program helps students discover what it takes to be academically successful while developing a STEM identity. While the organizational priorities and goals of BMIS & BW-LEAD Scholars Program are fixed, this program is open to anyone.