The LEP respects and appreciates the role of family in our students' lives. We recognize that a child's transition into college and young adulthood can be challenging for family members, and we seek to build supportive and trusting relationships with everyone involved. However, we also believe strongly that the confidentiality between our students and counselors is of the utmost importance. While we encourage students to regularly communicate with their families, we also stress that college is a time for family members to step back and become less directly involved in their students' lives, allowing them the space and freedom necessary to mature into well adjusted, self-sufficient adults.

We Keep Students at the Center of Everything We Do

The role of LEP staff members, as part of DU, is clear: we are here to do what is best for your student, and that is always our priority and focus. The role of family members is much less clear. You need to find the right balance of involvement and support, figure out when your assistance is needed and when a student needs to be on their own, gauge what is happening from a distance and decide what to do if your student is struggling. This page and the LEP are here to help guide you through that process!

Communication 101

Communicating with Your Student

  • Listen!
  • Stay calm
  • Help the student normalize the situation
  • Direct student to the LEP or other on campus resources
  • Remind them that they can do this!

Download our Family Communications Expectations Agreement


Communicating with the LEP

  • Our communication is primarily with your student
  • We will not keep information or conversations with you private from your student, and will actively include them in communications
  • Students may need to make mistakes and learn to grow
  • Growth takes time
  • Student information is confidential and protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Even if a student has released FERPA-protected information to you, the LEP will always include the student in communications to continue building trust

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) protects the confidentiality of student information.

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Ways to Connect with the LEP

Even though your student is starting to take ownership of their education, they still need your support and encouragement. Stay connected with the LEP so you can know what's going on in Denver when you may be far away.

DU Family Resources

LEP is Only One Part of a DU Student's Support System

The scope of LEP services may not cover everything your student needs to be successful at DU. There are many different departments at DU to help your student succeed in college! Check out the resources below and contact other departments if you'd like to learn more.